Quarter Beef Share Deposit

Quarter Beef Share Deposit

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Sorry, but we are not shipping at this time. We offer local pickup or delivery within 50 miles of our ranch at 710 Fort Casey Road, Coupeville Washington 98239

Indulge in the purest and most delectable grass-fed beef you've ever tasted. Our cattle are raised outdoors on lush pastures and never fed grain, ensuring a natural and healthy diet. Plus, we never use antibiotics or hormones so that you can enjoy our beef with complete peace of mind. We take pride in dry-aging our beef for 7-10 days to maximize its flavor and tenderness. Try it now and experience the difference in quality for yourself.

Order your beef the way you like it: the exact cuts and the correct roast size for your family. Keep the bones for your animal family members. Use the tallow for epic BBQ and smoking. Optimize your health with organ meats. You care about your health and family which means knowing where your food comes from. 

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About our Beef

1902 Ranch Wagyu Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished on our Western Washington island pastures.