Our Story

1902 Ranch - Our Story

Bart and Brooke Crowder discovered the beautiful farmland that is now 1902 Ranch, wanting to respect the history of the property and contribute to their community in meaningful ways while raising four grounded, hard-working kids.

The 70-acre property was first farmed in 1902, inspiring the ranch's name, and is part of a land easement protected by the state of Washington. The land's lush greenery and ocean views make it a magical place the Crowders want to share with locals and visitors alike.

While the views and the greenery are spectacular, the land's malnourished soil told the real story. The Crowders knew they had to make big moves to restore the topsoil and create harmony between the animals and the land if they wanted to operate a sustainable ranch that could stand the test of time.

Now, pasture-raised cows, pigs, and chickens live and work happily together on the ranch, eating the grass, fertilizing the soil, and creating an ecosystem where both plants and animals can flourish for decades. Enhancing these pure traditions of old-style ranching with modern technology, the 1902 Ranch makes buying local meat, eggs, and produce convenient and accessible.

The Crowders are disproving the idea that you have to have been born into a legacy of ranching or farming to succeed in the industry and make a difference. They are committed to bringing the highest quality food to your table to strengthen and connect your family the same way they are strengthening theirs.