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Pasture Raised Chicken - 4 pack (Pre-Order)

Pasture Raised Chicken - 4 pack (Pre-Order)

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4 pasture raised chickens (16 lbs total)

If you've never had a slow-growingpasture raised chicken, this will probably be the best chicken you've ever tasted. 

Raised in pastures right here in Western Washington, our Cornish Crosses and Freedom Rangers are extremely active, spending their days eating grasses, worms, seeds, insects, and Washington-grown grains that are free of corn, soy, and GMOs. They are moved to fresh pasture every single day!

All of this activity causes the meat to develop high levels of vitamins, phytonutrientshealthy omega-3 fats (3x more than conventional chicken), and flavor! But don't take our word for it; check out the reviews below!

All of our animals are raised without the use of antibiotics. They simply aren't necessary when the animals are raised in a species-appropriate ecological setting.

    Chickens are frozen, and your purchase comes with a 1902 Ranch insulated tote bag for easy handling.


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    About our Chicken

    Whether your cooking for your spouse, family, or a special guest – cooking a whole pasture-raised chicken is one of the most delicious meals you can make – the natural and flavorful fats that you can only get from a pasture-raised chicken adds all sorts of flavor to any vegetables included in the roasting pan.

    1902 Pasture Raised Corn & Soy Free Chicken

    "There is a beautiful story tell raising chicken in a different light, very unconventional by today’s standard, especially in Texas. In a way that prioritizes quality over quantity, nutrition over cheapness, craft over assembly lines, and our health as top priority. The formula is quite simple. Raise the chickens the way they were put on earth to be raised, and their meat quality will reward us – with delicious flavor and enhanced nutrition. 99% of the chicken raised in America is in dark barns, fed GMO grains, given drugs, and dipped in chlorine, and kept behind closed doors from the public eye to see.

    Bart and I said from the beginning we wanted to raise chicken the best way possible – outdoors on fresh pasture, supplemented with NON-GMO corn free soy free grain, no antibiotics, no chlorine baths, and frozen and vacuumed sealed at the peak of freshness.